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How Did Prince Die?

Every 19 minutes someone dies of a pain drug overdose in the United States. What really killed Prince? What does his death mean for you? Are you in danger of dying? The dangers of pain drugs are monumental. If you or anyone you know has ever taken anything to relieve pain for any reason you [...]

Got the program for my back and used with great success. I do a lot of ballroom dancing these days, at 62 - 3 to 4 nights a week.

32 years in practice and this ZPN changes all the rules (referring Dr)

If You Think Pain Management Sucks – You’re Right!

So many recent scientific studies have proven what I’ve been saying for years: The Cause Of Chronic Back and Body Pain Is Not Structural. Let’s talk about Pain Management. By definition pain management means you’re stuck managing your pain. All the common approaches to pain management - Surgery, Drugs, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, etc. all have [...]

I love my doctor for sending me to Zero Pain Now.

5 minutes of Zero Pain Now and my TMJ pain was gone.

Never thought I'd have great sleep until my pain disappeared.

I've worked at the Mayo Clinic for 17 years and it took Zero Pain Now to end my pain.

The MRI meant nothing when my pain disappeared.

My first marathon. 6 months ago I could barely walk.

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