I am doing things physically that I never thought would be possible. I can’t wait to dance for the doctor that said I needed surgery

Not only is my pain gone but being emotionally aware for the first time in my life means I can set great boundaries.

1 Mandatory Fact About Pinched Nerve That Will Free You Forever. Because…

Pinched nerve. One of the most common diagnoses for chronic pain that leads to this whole course of pain management and ongoing pain and ongoing suffering and this chronic pain management paradigm that often keeps you stuck in pain. Because, here's the truth about a pinched nerve: The theory is, you have a pinched nerve [...]

If You Think Your Pain Is Chronic – I’ll Bet You…

Hey, it's Adam. Welcome to the video. Chronic pain. I have chronic pain. I have chronic back pain - chronic neck pain - chronic knee pain - chronic shoulder pain - chronic headaches. What is this chronic pain and why do so many people have it? Probably more importantly, why aren't people getting better? If [...]

For the first time in my life I have a great self image. I walk erect and have confidence.

Chiropractors – The Real Truth. If you’ve ever even considered going to a chiropractor you need to know

Hey it's Adam. Welcome to the video. Chiropractic, chiropractors, chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors for chronic pain. Sometimes this is a sticky subject for me because I love chiropractors. I work with chiropractors all the time. Many of the referrals that I get at Zero Pain Now are from chiropractors. And I think what chiropractors do is [...]

Argh!! There is so much wrong with Spinal Stenosis – The Incomplete Diagnosis. Because..

Spinal stenosis is one of the most common incomplete diagnoses blamed for chronic pain - for back pain, for leg pain, for neck pain. Spinal stenosis really means a narrowing of the discs in your spine. But the interesting thing is it would take a tremendous narrowing for that really to create pain for you. [...]

Best customer service ever. Adam never sleeps. He’s always available and I am soooooo free.

Sciatica – 1 Absolute Must To Know About The Cause And The Solution

Sciatica. Sciatica relief. Sciatica stretches. How to solve sciatica. These are questions that I get almost every day and the interesting thing is sciatica is not a real thing. Sciatica just means that your pain is travelling generally from the back down the leg. Often sciatica is attributed to a bulging disc, or herniated disc, [...]

I was a huge skeptic and thought my herniated disc was causing my pain. 12 days later Zero Pain Now had me completely free of pain and free to move however I want.

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