I was having 3 migraines and week and now zero

Spinal Stenosis – Mayo Pilot Pain Free Results

Hi, I'm Adam Heller. Today, let's talk about spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis, a very common diagnosis for back pain. The question is, does spinal stenosis actually cause back pain or is spinal stenosis just there and you have back pain? There are certainly some arguments going on in the medical community, in the non-medical community, [...]

The 1 Absolute Thing You Must Know About Your Back Pain

Hi. I'm Adam Heller and welcome to the video. Back pain. 118 million in the United States alone suffer what they call chronic pain and 70% of that is attributed to back pain, most of it lower back pain. It's epidemic. It's treated in a variety of ways: surgically, drugs, obviously you heard a lot [...]

Welcome to Video 09 in our Chief Medical Consultant Dr. Mike’s 10 Part Pain Free Series

Hello again. Dr. Mike here continuing my series of brief videos on chronic physical and chronic emotional pain and especially on how to eliminate chronic physical and chronic emotional pain. In today's video I'd like to speak about something I haven't mentioned yet in this series. Specifically what I call, sorry ... I have a [...]

My pain disappeared and now I get to get trained as a ZPN Coach. I’m so excited

Chronic Pain – Can You Get Better? Probably

Hi, I'm Adam Heller. Chronic pain versus acute pain. What's that really mean? Well, typically acute pain is defined as pain for six weeks or less. And then sub-acute or chronic pain is actually six weeks or more. So let me make it really simple for you. If you break your foot, it hurts, but [...]

Adam finally someone understood my pain and now it’s gone!

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Not only pain free but down 27 pounds

My first pain free Mother’s day in 16 years

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