Will meditation help me eliminate my back pain?

Hi it's Adam and welcome to my “from the car series.” Whatever you do don't tell my mother or else I’ll still be in big trouble. Question today ­ Will meditation help me eliminate my back pain? And here's the thing, I'm a huge fan of meditation. I have been meditating for almost 20 years. [...]

Can your doctor’s free lunch harm you?

Hi it's Adam Heller creator of Zero Pain Now. Welcome to the video. I just came across a harrowing story, that doctors with as simple as a free lunch from drug/pharma sales people are much more likely to prescribe drugs and prescribe the specific drugs from the pharmaceutical company, than if they don't get the [...]

Research Evidence Links Chronic Back Pain to Emotional Distress

Chronic back pain is the second most common cause of disability. It forces 45 million Americans to seek treatment each year and blacks out 40% of total work hours. 1 in every 2 Americans aged between 35 and 55 feels the misery of back pain. Most of this suffering is not because of an injury [...]

Acetaminophen Painkiller Intake During Pregnancy Causes Autism in Children

Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, is the most common painkiller prescribed to and taken over the counter by pregnant women suffering from back pain. However, the painkiller, sold under brand names, such as Tylenol, is considered by many to be unsafe to consume during pregnancy. Spanish researchers have identified a link between the acetaminophen exposure [...]

OTC Pain Medication Tylenol Impairs Brain Function and Damages Liver

Tylenol, the most common over-the-counter pain medication interferes with brain function when used for chronic pain management. The painkiller marketed “safe and for fast pain relief” can cause toxicity and acute liver failure. Tara Reeds, a Chicago mother of two, began taking Tylenol discreetly to treat occasional back and muscle pain. She easily purchased the [...]

Fatal Fentanyl: Know About Opioids That Killed Pop Icon Prince

Chronic pain management using fentanyl prescription painkillers has the potential of threatening your life.  The pain relief it claims to offer comes with significant risks. When music legend Prince was discovered dead at his home on April 21, he had high amount of fentanyl in his blood. Autopsy reports released more than a month after [...]

Painkiller Percocet Linked To Celebrity Deaths –  Before Prince

Was music legend Prince Nelson addicted to the prescription opiate Percocet? The highly addictive painkiller opiate was reportedly discovered in his body soon after the superstar died. Friends of the pop star also have also hinted at his use of Percocet to treat chronic hip pain. The prescription opiate Percocet has long been associated with [...]

The Prescription Opioid Paradox: Opioids Actually Increase Your Chronic Pain

Taking opioid painkillers often worsen your pain and place you at a greatly increased risk of suffering chronic pain even longer than without using the dangerous drugs. Research findings reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences questions the efficacy of morphine and similar analgesic painkillers after finding that these pain medications actually [...]

Prescription Opioids Don’t Cure, They Kill; Pop Legend Prince Latest Victim

The opioid epidemic in the United States caused by prescription painkillers has its latest high-profile victim in pop star Prince. The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the music icon died on April 21 of an overdose of fentanyl, an opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin that is commonly prescribed and used as a [...]

Say No To Opioid Painkillers – They’re Way Too Risky

“The last years of his life did not belong to my son, even he did not belong to himself, he belonged to drugs,” says Rachel, a sobbing mother, struggling with words to describe last days of her son who died of opioid painkiller addiction last December. Andrew, who was once a great kid, a bright [...]

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