Why the Fibromyalgia isn’t the cause of your pain

By Adam Heller

I’m willing to bet that even since you began having pain, you’ve had plenty of pain-free moments.

Perhaps you have been suffering for months, or years, or even decades. The pain at times is probably very intense. You may also experience tingling, burning, weakness, numbness, shooting pain, throbbing pain, or any combination of these symptoms. Also, you suffer pain in different areas of your body with no legitimate structural cause.

I still stick to my original point. Yes, sometimes your suffering is immense. However, there are other times when you are in the same physical situation, walking, moving, bending, sitting etc. and your symptoms are either less severe, the location of your pain has moved, even slightly, or you are completely symptom free.

If your pain was the result of any structural abnormality, wouldn’t the pain always be in the exact same place, every time you are in the exact same physical situation?  Of course. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is nothing more than a label. Since they can’t find anything structurally wrong and your pain meets the predetermined criteria, you are placed in a basket labeled fibromyalgia.
The Great News For You

The pain you are experiencing is typical of Diversion Pain Syndrome. You don’t have to endure surgery, or a lifetime of drugs, or ongoing pain. You can heal your own pain and get back to a full life. In my book you can read all about Rand. After an unsuccessful disc surgery, he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After he made the decision that he was not going to continue to be a slave to his pain, he completely and permanently cured his pain in six days using my Zero Pain Now® process.

More Great News

Since fibromyalgia is only a label and is not the cause of pain, what is the real cause of most ongoing or recurrent back and body pain?


The answer is Diversion Pain Syndrome or DPS for short. DPS is a psycho-physical disorder that produces physical pain and other symptoms such as tingling, burning, numbness and/or weakness. DPS is a very painful problem that occurs when small blood vessels constrict and cause a reduction of blood flow that reduces the level of oxygen. It effects muscles, nerves and/or tendons. The result is pain. Sometimes intense pain, in multiple locations, along with other symptoms.

Even More Great News. DPS Is Harmless

It’s a psychological problem that produces a physical result.  That means your back, or shoulder, or knee, or foot etc., is just where you may feel your pain and symptoms. The pain is almost always caused by the way your brain manages your emotions. Yes, everyone knows that emotions, stress and tension exacerbate pain.  The real truth is that the way your brain deals with emotions is the real cause of your pain.

Studies prove, your brain is your real culprit. And you can change what you do in your brain and banish your pain once and for all.  This is the reason I created Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now®, so YOU CAN CURE YOUR PAIN and live a full, complete and pain-free life.

Most people who used to live with pain have cured themselves using this process in a couple of hours or less. Some people take a bit longer, but if you stay with the process you will have success.

Rapid Results

The process is designed to produce rapid results by creating a fast track to the real emotional cause of your pain. Your result can finally be the absence of pain. Imagine what life will be like when you are free. Free from limiting pain. Free to resume all normal physical activities. In my Zero Pain Now® book I’ll teach you exactly what to do to finally heal your pain, without surgery, without drugs and without physical therapy.

Thousands of people have healed their own pain when they learned and understood the real cause of their pain. What you don’t know WILL hurt you. What you will learn WILL help you, become pain-free. It’s all in the book.

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Adam Heller is the founder of Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now®, a breakthrough program that enables people to heal their limiting back and body pain quickly without surgery, drugs or physical therapy.