Fibromyalgia is not chronic is complete

There’s a travesty going on in the pain relief community, and the medical community revolving around fibromyalgia.

Patient after patient after patient that gets referred to me – they’re told that – their given this diagnosis of fibromyalgia which isn’t a real thing. It’s just a diagnosis that covers these different pain points. And they’re told it’s chronic and they have to live with it forever. And they have to be on drugs. And they have to manage it with drugs.

And unfortunately these well meaning physicians and professionals and experts are placing people in a box.

They’re placing them in this box called fibromyalgia.

And they’re making it permanent. And they’re in effect ruining people’s lives because they’re taking something that is easily eliminatable, that’s not a word I don’t think, but easily eliminatable.

But because of their ignorance, they’re saying it’s because they can’t do anything – instead of finding out something or referring, they put them in this box and they start giving you these dangerous drugs.

Opioids and antidepressants. All these dangerous things. And say here you know – go live your life.

Now I’m just finishing a pilot at Mayo Clinic. 58% of the patients they sent were diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Every single one was pain free and case closed in 28 days or less.

How? Because it isn’t permanent.

There’s an easy fix for fibromyalgia.

But the problem is people have been brainwashed to believe that there’s no way out.

Then once they have that belief. boom!

Thats their life and anybody who tells them otherwise. I get called a flake. And I get called a phony. And a snake oil salesman. All these other things.

But I don’t get called any of those things by the people that come and see me and get rid of their fibromyalgia.

So don’t take anybody’s, not even my word for it.

Do some investigation. Get some knowledge.

Go to Take the pain test. You’ll know with 97% certainty whether you can get better.

Look at the testimonials. Look at the videos.

Look at what happened to the other people. Arm yourself with information and you get to make the choice.

Don’t let anybody else tell you that you can’t when you can.

80% women. We’ve got women that can’t take care of their kids or their parents. Or all the caretakers because they’re riddled with pain and fibro fog, and can’t sleep, and all these other things.

There’s hope. Find out for yourself.

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