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“When you learn How This Works you can join the 97% (100% from Mayo Clinic) that used Zero Pain Now to become pain free.”

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Zero Pain Now is the most successful pain relief program ever developed. It is the only non-invasive, non-medical, safe and proven method effective for eliminating symptoms from diagnoses such as Bulging Disc, Herniated Disc, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Neuropathy, Whiplash, Tension and Migraine Headaches and a host of other diagnoses. The process was developed from the latest science and neuroscience.

Zero Pain Now is the only Non-Invasive Pain Relief Program with a documented 97.4% success rate because

  • Instead of old-fashioned pain management that only manages symptoms and provides only temporary relief, Zero Pain Now eliminates the real cause of your pain so that you remain free of pain forever.

  • Once you understand why nothing you’ve tried so far had provided you long-term pain relief (It couldn’t have) you will be able to rapidly eliminate your pain so that you can regain freedom.

  • Zero Pain Now is a simple and specific step-by-step process so that you know exactly what to do each day you’re in the process.

  • Zero Pain Now works because the proven process is exactly the same whether you end your pain with a “Do it yourself” program or with our “Expert Private Programs.”

  • The Zero Pain Now program lasts for 28 days. 85% of people are pain free by day 6.

  • Zero Pain Now works for you because the process was developed and refined through scientific and neuroscientific research and experience.

SuccessfulRiskPermanentDifficultyTravelEliminate CauseCost
Zero Pain Now97.40%NoneUsuallyEasyHomeYes1 time only
Physical TherapyRarelyLowRarelyDifficultYesNoOngoing

Additional FAQ’s About the Zero Pain Now® Process

A: Zero Pain Now®, is an effective, straightforward and quick program to permanently end recurrent, repetitive, chronic and/or persistent back pain and body pain. While it may appear that Zero Pain Now® is too easy and too good to be true, there is nothing ‘magic’ or unrealistic about it. It is the validated, end result of almost 40 years of research and experience in identifying and banishing the real cause of most back and body pain, originated by Dr. John Sarno, and modernized by Adam Heller into a simple, step-by-step, proven method for eliminating pain.

A: Zero Pain Now® is effective with recurrent, repetitive, persistent or chronic pain often diagnosed as structural problems such as bulging disc/herniated disc, torn rotator cuff or degenerative cartilage, whiplash or conditions such as fibromyalgia, neuropathy, tension headaches, migraines, myofascial pain, osteoarthritis and TMJ pain. It also is effective for the pain of old injuries and other physical issues such as tennis elbow, joint dislocations, shoulder pain, lower back pain, and other chronic, recurring or repetitive pain. In these cases – and with people who use the program as designed – it’s been effective 97% of the time. Always check with a licensed medical professional to rule out the possibility of an organic condition that might be causing pain, prior to beginning Zero Pain Now®

A: The Zero Pain Now® process is most effective for people who are determined and willing to permanently end their pain. As long as you are open to the possibility that the cause of your pain is not structural, and you are willing to commit to following a 28-day program* that will support you to get pain free and stay pain free, then Zero Pain Now® is for you.

* Most people become pain-free within the first several days of beginning the program. The purpose of completing the entire 28-day process is to ensure that the results are permanent

A: So do 2 of 3 people who have NEVER HAD PAIN. Structure rarely causes pain.

A: Every person who has ever come to me and left completely free of pain had an injury at some point. Your body heals quickly. If you’ve had pain consistently or occasionally for longer then 6 weeks come to the event and heal your pain.

A: Absolutely you can heal your pain that has been blamed on fibromyalgia.

A: Yes Zero Pain Now is different because instead of trying to relieve symptoms blamed on some structural issue you will eliminate your pain at the cause. No more pain management.

A: That’s just it! Ongoing chronic, recurrent or repetitive back and body pain is rarely a medical issue. That’s why the Drs couldn’t help you. They were never trained to help you heal the real cause of pain. When you understand what is really causing your pain, you will heal your own pain.

A: Any pain that lasts longer than six weeks or returns regularly or from time to time is most likely the pain you can learn to eliminate once and for all.

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