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Releasing the bonds of pain and freeing yourself to live a full life of physical freedom that you’ve always dreamed about is possible with Zero Pain Now. Our philosophy is simple and our unique pain relief treatment approach puts Zero Pain Now in a class of its own. With a 97.4% success rate. Zero Pain Now offers a cutting-edge, evidence-based, scientific, proven, non-invasive permanent pain relief. Our staff consists of the finest trained pain relief professionals who are committed to you and your success. Eliminate the real cause of your pain so that you banish your symptoms and stay pain free forever.

  • We specialize in caring for the whole person, not just your diagnosis.
  • We customize a treatment program to meet your specific needs.
  • We meet you where you are are and support you until your pain is gone.


We treat pain relief differently at Zero Pain Now and we guarantee success with our Private Program that has a 97.4% success rate and we also received a write-up from a pilot at the Mayo Clinic with 100% success. We stand behind our unmatched record of success. In our commitment to you and your long term recovery, we offer The Zero Pain Now Guarantee. We are the only pain relief method to make this kind of guarantee; we can do that because our pain relief programs work and because we think it’s important to stand behind your successful results. The Zero Pain Now Private Program is so successful because over 30 years of scientific and neuroscientific research has shown that the real case of chronic and ongoing pain is not medical. That’s why there was no chance that your doctor, surgeon, chiropractor or physical therapist could have provided more than temporary relief. That’s why they call it pain management. Because you have to constantly manage your pain. The reason Zero Pain Now will work for you is because we’ll help you eliminate the real cause of your pain and we’ll do that in a way that is personalized for you. We want you to have the freedom that you were always meant to have.

97.4% Success Rate
100% in Mayo Clinic Pilot
Personalized Program
Program Concierge
Long-Term Results
You Control Your Timeline
No Travel Necessary
24/7 Personal Support
Conservative- Non-Invasive-Non-Medical
Rapid Results
Lifetime Follow-up
Caring & Professionally Trained Staff

Professionals Available to Guide You Privately Through Zero Pain Now


Adam Heller is the founder and creator of Zero Pain Now. Fifteen years ago Adam began examining the crucial link between your brain and physical pain. The result of Adam’s research is Zero Pain Now; a simple, safe, proven step-by-step method to banish back pain and body pain — permanently – regardless of MRI results. Adam’s entertaining and fun style combined with a 97.4% success rate makes him the most sought after pain relief expert in the world. Adam primarily trains other experts and works with major health care providers. Adam is available to work personally with select clients. The investment for your Private Program with Adam is $15,000.

Dr. Mike
Dr. MikeChief Medical Consultant

Dr. Amendolara (more frequently referred to as Dr. Mike) is a Board Certified Family Doctor specializing in pain relief. Prior to Zero Pain Now Dr. Mike provided traditional old-school medical pain management and gave over 50,000 pain injections. After Dr. Mike met Adam he used the Zero Pain Now method to heal his own chronic pain that had lasted for 30 years. Once Dr. Mike experienced a life with zero pain he immediately moved away for the old medical model of temporary pain management and became an expert in Zero Pain Now so he can help others find the same freedom from pain that he found. Dr. Mike is available for private patients. The investment for your Private Program with Dr Mike M.D. is $7,500.

Dr. Jenny
Dr. JennyInternational Medical Expert

Dr Jenny is known as the medical expert with the soft touch. Her intuition combined with decades of medical practice make her an expert choice to guide you through the Zero Pain Now process. Dr. Jenny used Zero Pain Now to heal her own physical pain and was so impressed when she finally found the truth about eliminating pain she immediately had Adam personally train her in the process. Dr. Jenny is available for private patients. The investment for your Private Program with Dr Jenny M.D. is 4,900.

CliffordDirector of Training and Programs

Cliff is the Director of Training and Programs at Zero Pain Now. He was the first person Adam trained in the process and has an astounding success record with his private Zero Pain Now clients. Before coming to Zero Pain Now Cliff helped train over 900 experts and he has played a critical role in making Zero Pain Now the most successful method to end chronic pain ever developed. Cliff is available for private clients. The investment for your Private Program with Cliff is $4,900.

  • Daily guidance by an expert

  • 97.4% Documented Success Rate

  • Individualized Program

  • Flexibility

  • Program concierge

  • Exclusivity

  • A Private Program is your best opportunity to permanently banish your pain and regain you physical and emotional freedom.

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