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Mom’s Back Pain Gone
Annee experienced chronic pain for forty years because she believed that she injured herself in an automobile accident. She sought treatment with chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and… (more)

Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery Avoided
As a result of a skiing accident, Matt was diagnosed with shoulder calcification and a rotator cuff tear by his medical doctor. He was advised by an orthopedic surgeon to undergo surgical… (more)

Pain Meds Avoided Entirely
When Greg started the Zero Pain Now® program of healing, he had been experiencing excruciating neck pain for three months that was unsuccessfully treated via biweekly chiropractic… (more)

Back to Golfing and Running
Emily experienced DPS symptoms for many years and since 2008 suffered sometimes severe neck pain. MRI scans showed structural problems and traditional treatment modalities fell short of completely resolving her… (more)

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