Fibromyalgia – The Lies

Hi, I’m Adam Heller.


Fibromyalgia is devastating to people that are diagnosed and suffer with it. The information about fibromyalgia is really all over the place. There are opinions, after opinions, after opinions. And unfortunately most of the time, the end result is people are told that it’s chronic and they’re administered and prescribed some pretty dangerous medications.

It is limiting and it’s devastating for the people suffering. And people around them don’t really believe it because there’s nothing “structurally” wrong.
It’s isolating and it’s limiting and it’s devastating in many ways.

However, there have been some new things that have come to light where people are actually getting better. Not just a little bit but completely from fibromyalgia symptoms.

Now, that flies in the face of the traditional approach and the traditional outlook. But there was a recent pilot at the Mayo Clinic.

Out of that pilot, roughly half of the people were diagnosed with fibromyalgia, maybe about 45%. The interesting thing is, according to the write-up, every patient was pain free, symptom free and their cased closed within 28 days or less.

Including everyone with fibromyalgia.

They were given a different kind of treatment. They were given a talk only, a linguistic intervention and somehow they all got better. What does that mean for you, the sufferer of fibromyalgia?

It means that, there’s hope. It means that there’s possibility. And it means that you probably want to talk to your doctor and/or you want to get some information because new things happen.

New scientific inventions and interventions and ways to treat – not just manage the symptoms, but actually eliminate the symptoms all around.

Will that apply to you? Maybe but it’s probably a good idea to get some information.

I want to thank you for watching this video.
I hope it gave you some hope.
I look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon.
Thanks for watching.

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