Nobody Can Stop You

If you want to be pain free nobody can stop you – other than you.

Nobody can stop you. Because as you want to heal your pain physical pain, emotional pain, back pain, neck pain, depression, anger, sadness, whatever it is. Nobody can stop you from having a great pain free life except for you.

So, you go out searching and you get lots of advice.

Your friends give you advice. Your doctors give you advice. The therapist gives you advice. Everybody gives you advice.

But the advice that they give you is the advice that would be for them if they were in your situation.

Right now I’m giving you advice and I know that if I was in your situation the advice I would want is – I want to fix it now.

I want it done now.

I don’t want to go through years. I don’t want to go through surgery. I don’t want to go through chiropractic. I don’t want to sit on a couch.

I just want to get it done now.

And get my life back.

So that’s the kind of advice I’m going to give you.

And the advice is to check with yourself and not take any advice from me or anybody else that isn’t aimed for you rather than to you.

So when you get advice, is it advice that’s for you to help you live in your highest? To have the greatest life you can have? To solve your problem? To move forward? Or is it advice that’s limiting and drags you through the ringer.

You get to choose but nobody can stop you from having a great life now.

It’s available now.
However you decide to have it.

The Buddha, said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Take a step now towards something you want.

Where’s the pain in your life?

Is it physical pain?
Is it emotional pain?
Is it stress?
Is it tension?
Is it back pain?
Is it neck pain?

Right now make a decision.

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