1 Mandatory Fact About Pinched Nerve That Will Free You Forever. Because…

Pinched nerve. One of the most common diagnoses for chronic pain that leads to this whole course of pain management and ongoing pain and ongoing suffering and this chronic pain management paradigm that often keeps you stuck in pain.

Because, here’s the truth about a pinched nerve:
The theory is, you have a pinched nerve so something is putting pressure on the nerve and that’s creating pain. Great. That’s a real possibility.

But it would be impossible for pain resulting from a pinched nerve to last more than a couple of weeks. Why? Because if something was actually putting pressure on this nerve what would happen is it would put pressure on – and the blood flow would stop. It cuts off the blood supply and the nerve would die within a couple of weeks.

If you’ve been diagnosed, or you’ve been told you have a pinched nerve, and you’re in pain for six weeks, seven weeks, eight weeks, 10 weeks, a year, 10 years – I’ve seen it for longer than that.

It probably has nothing to do – it’s almost impossible that that nerve could have anything to do with your pain.

You’re probably tired of suffering once and for all.

So, what have we found out? What have we experienced is that pinched nerves don’t cause pain longer than a couple of weeks.

What is often the cause of pain is something called Diversion Pain Syndrome.

The beautiful thing is even if you haven’t heard of that, you can do a really simple test that’s objective, scientific, and we’ll give you a numeric score. Something we perfected in a pilot we did with the Mayo Clinic.

You’ll know with 97% certainty whether or not this pinched nerve is causing your pain of if you can get better once and for all.

Two minutes, you’ll know for sure.

Go to ZeroPainNow.com and take the pain test.

Within a couple of minutes you’ll get a score and you will have options.

There’s a reason every single person in that Mayo Clinic pilot got better. Because instead of ongoing pain management, to try and suffer your way through the day, there was a way for those people that they sent us to eliminate the cause once and for all.

Is that possible for you? Maybe.

You’ll know for sure if you go take the pain test now. ZeroPainNow.com. Take the pain test.

If you have questions. Adam@AdamHeller.com. I’ll answer them personally.

My dream, 10 million people pain-free. If you’re one of them, that’s one less that we have to help. We’re all here to help you.

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