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"Emily experienced neck pain and other symptoms for thirty eight years. MRI scans showed structural problems and traditional treatment modalities fell short of completely resolving her symptoms. It wasn’t until she implemented the Zero Pain Now® process that she experienced complete pain relief. Some of the methods from the Zero Pain Now® program that Emily used were journaling, looking at her hidden feelings, identifying stressors, and performing specific exercises. Emily has returned to playing golf and running four miles at a time. She experienced relief within days of beginning the Zero Pain Now® approach."
Software Engineer at Google
"Annee experienced chronic pain for forty years because she believed that she injured herself in an automobile accident. She sought treatment with chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and internal medicine physicians. Despite being compliant with their treatment recommendations, her pain would always return. Annee continued to experience limiting back pain because she was diagnosed with a disc abnormality. As Annee used the Zero Pain Now® process she learned that Diversion Pain Syndrome is the real cause of most ongoing back pain and body pain. She also learned that most people diagnosed with bulging discs, herniated discs, stenosis, or fibromyalgia actually suffer from Diversion Pain Syndrome. Annee has freed herself from any pain and returned to playing with her children, running, hiking, and performing ballet. By implementing these tactics, you too can become pain free and return to your normal way of life. Have you dreamed of returning to your favorite hobby? Have you missed playing with your children or grandchildren as they would like? Is the pain caused by sitting at your desk interfering with your concentration? It is not necessary to shortchange yourself any longer. Applying the Zero Pain Now® program can get you back into your life."
"Roger was so excited to play big-time college golf. Then came the pain. Then came the doctors. Then finally came Zero Pain Now®....."
Roger Jr,
"I'd still be on the pro tour if Zero Pain Now® was around when I was playing"
"Morten was told that he must have back surgery. He'd suffered for years. All he wanted was to play golf with his young son. After snickering about Zero Pain Now®, this happened...."
"Every patient that I sent to Zero Pain Now® had success..."
Dr Cox,
"I played pro golf - I was in pain and had to retire - I used Zero Pain Now® - I was back out on the course"
Ron B,
"When Greg started the Zero Pain Now® program of healing, he had been experiencing excruciating neck pain for three months that was unsuccessfully treated via biweekly chiropractic adjustments. Within minutes of starting the program, Greg’s pain was substantially reduced. In a period of days, he was able to discontinue chiropractic treatment altogether. He didn’t even need the pain medications that had been offered to him by a medical doctor to treat his symptoms. Not long after, Greg returned to his hobby of horseback riding and after 4 years he remains pain free today – all as a result of applying the principles of the Zero Pain Now® treatment. If you want to avoid medications and chiropractic adjustments, use the Zero Pain Now® book, workbook and videos to free yourself from limiting back pain and body pain. If you want to return to playing golf, tennis, or your favorite hobbies and heal your Diversion Pain Syndrome symptoms, Zero Pain Now® has an easy and affordable answer. If you’ve tried everything else and you still have pain, the Zero Pain Now® process can help you to become entirely pain free and help you get back to a full life without physical limitations."
Leader of ObTeam
"Claire suffered pain for 40 years. She didn't want the cycle of medical pain management. She didn't even make it though the book before success..."
"I was not willing to let a fibromyalgia diagnosis keep me from a pain free physical life"
Rand M,
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