Are You Going To Blow Your Opportunity?

Hey, it’s Adam Heller.
Are you going to blow your opportunity this year?

But that’s probably not the way you would want me to open up a video with you and a conversation with you, especially if you don’t know me.

But, how many times in your life have you had opportunities? Real great opportunities? And let them slide by, and let yourself, and your fears, and your filters, and the personal you, get in the way of seizing the opportunity.

So that you can improve your life. So that you can fix something.  So that you can solve something. So that you can step out of your box – the box of your beliefs, and the box that you’ve created for yourself, and expand, and make your life better? You know, look, there are the big time blown opportunities. Last year, I was chatting with someone who was Steve Jobs’ boss. Steve Jobs offered him one-third of Apple computer for $50,000. Now, the guy turned it down. That $50,000 now would be worth billions, and billions, and billions, and billions of dollars! That’s a big opportunity lost./td>

But, every day I hear from people who let their fears get in their way. Opportunities come up. Things come up, and there’s chance to say yes, and they say no.

I’m sitting in front of a photo I took on a recent trip to India. That was an opportunity. This opportunity came up, and I had many reasons not to go spend a month hanging out in India: work, and videos, and clients, and money, and staff, and all those other things. But, I knew it was the right thing to do, and I knew it would make my life better, even if I had to step through some hoops to do it, and I’m really glad I did. Everyday people talk to me about getting rid of their pain – their back pain, their neck pain, their shoulder pain, their emotional pain, their physical pain.

They get to this place. There’s an opportunity. They get to this place. And all of a sudden, their old beliefs, and their old fears kick in, and they just go the other way. This isn’t just for you.

If you’re in pain, maybe there’s an opportunity there, but somewhere in your life, probably several places in your life, there’s opportunities right now for you to say yes, where in the past you’ve said no.

That yes could open a door to things that you wouldn’t believe. So, how many years? It’s a new year. How many years have you gone through ending the year not where you wanted to be, not having accomplished everything you want, not solving the problem, sadness, or physical pain, or financial stuff, or whatever it is?

But, if you keep doing things the old way, you’re probably going to get those same results.

And if you drop the no, and you drop the fear, and you drop the overthinking, and you drop the over analyzing, and you just kind of check-in and feel if something’s right for you, you have an opportunity to seize.

You have opportunities, seize them.

This can be your year. This can be your month. This can be your week. This can be your day. This is the time for you.

Are you going to blow another opportunity? No, because you’re going to say yes, and you’re going to drop the fears, and you’re going to move forward. What you’re going to probably see is that your life gets better, and better, and better. So, take a chance and let me know. Let me know what you’re doing. Send me a note. Let me know so that I can support you and root for you going forward.

Thanks for watching this video.

I’ll see you again soon. Bye.

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