Argh!! There is so much wrong with Spinal Stenosis – The Incomplete Diagnosis. Because..

Spinal stenosis is one of the most common incomplete diagnoses blamed for chronic pain – for back pain, for leg pain, for neck pain. Spinal stenosis really means a narrowing of the discs in your spine. But the interesting thing is it would take a tremendous narrowing for that really to create pain for you.

I used to play squash with a guy. Before we played squash, he would swim for 45 minutes and then he would stretch for a half an hour and then he would “be okay” to go out and play squash and do all of these things for an hour, two hours, and he’d be fine. Then as soon as he stopped for a while the pain would come back.

Now, what that told me was clearly, spinal stenosis could not have been the cause of his pain, because those things he did didn’t elongate his spine.

They didn’t change anything. They didn’t un-spinal stenosis. All they did was increase some blood flow. And with blood comes oxygen. That’s what gave him the temporary relief. Then he’d go out and run around and he’d be fine.

Spinal stenosis is an incomplete diagnosis.

What that means is yes, it shows up on the MRI or the CT scan. But it isn’t the cause of the pain. As a matter of fact, we’ve seen in 97 plus percent of cases spinal stenosis has nothing to do with pain.

What we found is a disorder called Diversion Pain Syndrome is most likely the cause in almost every case.

A recent Mayo Clinic pilot – every single person that they sent that was diagnosed with spinal stenosis was pain free and their case is closed in 28 days or less.

How do you find out for sure if there really is something structurally wrong with you that’s causing your pain, or if there’s a way out of the pain once and for all?

That, I can tell you scientifically and objectively.

Go to Take the pain test.
It’s an objective, scientific, measured test that will tell you with 97% certainty whether or not you can get better.

What you may find is there is hope for you and there is a way to get better and there is a way to feel better and there is a way to get your freedom, your pain freedom back.

Go over and take that Pain Test now.

If you have questions,, send them over. I’ll answer them for you. We’ve got a whole team ready to help you here.

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