Ask Adam Episode 15 – How Do You Find What’s Causing Your Pain?

How do you find the thing that’s causing your pain?

Well, I’ll give you 3 ways to do that. 3 things that need to be done. Number 1 – Stop looking where you’re looking. Because if what you’ve been trying to do was going to fix your pain or eliminate your pain, it would have done so already.

Number 2 – Get some new information so that you can find out the real cause of your pain. So that you can eliminate the cause once and for all.

Number 3 – Probably most important, take action. Take a new action. Do something that’s going to help you eliminate the pain once and for all.

2 out of 3 people that have never had pain, have bulging discs, have herniated discs, have spinal stenosis, have all these structural abnormalities.

Yet they’ve never had any pain.

When you start to look at it, the reason you’re still in pain is because you’re trying to tackle this medically.
You’re trying to tackle this the old-fashioned way that blames your pain on some structural abnormality.

The reason that we just got a writeup from the Mayo Clinic that said every person was pain-free and their case is closed in 28 days is because we eliminate the real cause of the pain rather than just treating the symptoms.

Because when you treat the symptoms, the pain goes away for a little while, and then it comes back. Goes away, then back, feel a little better, back, back, back.

You’ve gone back long enough. It’s really time to go forward.

Can you get better?
What do you need to know?

Go to right now and take the pain test. In two minutes you’ll know with 97% certainty whether or not you can get better once and for all just like everybody else.

Three things: stop doing what you’re doing, get some new information, and take action so that you can have a pain-free life.

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