Bulging Disc – The Myth

Bulging Disc
Hi. I’m Adam Heller.

Bulging disc – One of the most common diagnoses for low back pain.

There’s a big argument going on in both the medical and non-medical community as to whether or not bulging discs have anything, anything at all, to do with pain.

There are traditional treatments – surgical treatments that are often recommended and often used to either lessen temporarily, or sometimes permanently, pain associated or diagnosed as bulging disc.

However, there’s been some really interesting studies that have been done that throw caution, or at least question, to the traditional diagnosis. Because they took … The first one, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

They took 98 people that had never had any back pain. And what they found was two out of every three of those people who have never had back pain had bulging discs at one or more levels and/or herniated discs.

So the question is, if all these people that have never had pain have bulging discs and herniated discs, they’re asymptomatic, they’ve never had any pain – do these things cause pain at all?

Or are they being treated without really being the cause? It is symptom treatment versus cause treatment?

So that posed a lot of questions in a recent pilot at the Mayo Clinic, where people with bulging discs were put through a linguistic-only treatment, and that means only talking.

And according to the report, after 28 days, every single case, every patient, was pain-free and their case closed in 28 days or less.

So it opens up the door for you to get some information and to make some decisions with your doctor for your health and your long-term pain-free life.

Because so much has come out that perhaps the bulging disc is there and not responsible for pain that perhaps different interventions can help you.

So what you need to know from this is that there’s more for you to learn. You’re the best person to make the final decisions for your health, with your doctor, of course.

And you want to make sure that you’re taking in all the information so that you have the best chance of having a pain-free life.
I hope this information helps you today.
I thank you very much for watching, and I hope to see you again soon.

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