Chiropractors – The Real Truth. If you’ve ever even considered going to a chiropractor you need to know

Hey it’s Adam. Welcome to the video.

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Sometimes this is a sticky subject for me because I love chiropractors. I work with chiropractors all the time. Many of the referrals that I get at Zero Pain Now® are from chiropractors. And I think what chiropractors do is really wonderful.

I remember when my son sprained his ankle badly I took him to a chiropractor to let them do some sonar and some different things to help him recover quickly.

Where there’s a problem is when it comes to chronic pain. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain.

Chiropractic adjustments almost never provide any more than temporary relief. My apologies to my friends, but you know that or you wouldn’t refer people to me.
Because what we’ve found is 97% of the time structure has nothing to do with pain.

So your spine, the bulging disc, the herniated disc, the spinal stenosis really don’t cause pain. Therefore adjusting and lengthening and doing all these other things to try and adjust the spine may provide a little temporary relief because they move things around and they increase blood flow.

But as you’ve probably seen by now the pain keeps coming back again, and again, and again.

That’s pain management, that’s chronic pain management, and it goes on, and on, and on.

I think you probably believe that if you can get rid of it once and for all by eliminating the cause instead of managing the symptoms you’re going to feel better about things.

If you’ve tried the chiropractor, and you’ve tried the adjustments, and you’ve gotten some temporarily relief and the pain keeps coming back perhaps now’s the time for you to see – to know for sure or with 97% certainty whether you can eliminate your pain once and for all and get your life back.

Got to and take the pain test.

It’s an objective scientific test that we perfected in a pilot with the Mayo Clinic where everybody got better. And you’ll know at the end – you’ll have a numeric score which will tell you with 97% certainty whether or not you can get better and stay better.

Two minutes of your time and you’ll know for sure.
Seems like a pretty valuable two minutes, right?

So, and take the pain test.

If you have questions send them, I’ll answer them personally.
We’ve got a whole staff here to help you if you believe that today is your day to get better.

Thanks for watching this video,
I’ll see you again soon.

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