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Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common structural abnormalities that is incorrectly blamed on causing back pain and neck pain. Degenerative disc disease is also very misunderstood.

degenerative disc disease-spinIt seems logical that if you suffer low back pain and your MRI or CT scan shows degenerative disc disease in the same area that would be the cause of your pain and other symptoms. However, the latest science, neuroscience and treatment experience has debunked that old-style thinking.

Some of the most trusted medical providers in the world are referring their cases of degenerative disc disorder to conservative, safe and non-medical therapies and the results have been long-term cessation of pain.

This has shifted the pain relief paradigm from old-fashioned pain management to more effective methodologies that permanently end pain instead of the old way that just treated symptoms.

The diagnosis of degenerative disc disease is only a label that describes the signs of discomfort that can include pain, tingling, burning, numbness and/or weakness that is incorrectly blamed on a deteriorated disc in the spine. While the interpretation seems basic, many patients diagnosed with degenerative disc condition are left questioning exactly just what this medical diagnosis indicates for them and whether they can eliminate their pain rather than fight the daily battle with pain management

Commonly voiced concerns consist of:

If I have this much discomfort at this age, how much even worse will it end up being with age?

Will the disease cripple me?
Will I wind up in a wheelchair?
Should I limit my activities?
Are sports a thing of the past?
Will the condition spread to other parts of the spine?
Will the degenerated disc(s) trigger other damage?
Is dangerous surgery unpreventable?
Since surgery has such a low success rate isn’t it way too dangerous?

In the past the answers to these questions was depressing at best. However, the proof is in that degenerative disc disease rarely is the cause of any discomfort.
What you just read is correct and bears repeating;

Degenerative Disc Disease rarely is the cause of any discomfort!

While the abnormality does show up on the radiographics it is most often benign, In this case correlation does not imply causation.

For most people the term degenerative used to suggest that the signs will certainly get worse with age. However, the term does not apply to the symptoms, but rather describes the condition of the disc degeneration over time. Since the disc is rarely the cause of pain this has no impact on your life. It’s similar to gray hair. Gray hair is a sign of aging and it does progress. However, it does nothing negatively to your ability to live.

One more unnecessary source of confusion is created by the term disease, which is in fact a misnomer. Degenerative disc disease is not truly a disease. Rather it is a degenerative condition that very rarely creates discomfort.

Traditional Pain Management:

Surgery is often recommended to “cure” degenerative disc disease. Studies show that surgery is generally unsuccessful and can be extremely dangerous. Since science has shown that the disc is rarely the cause of pain surgery is another form of symptom management. When only the symptom is addressed any results are generally short-term.
Absolutely speak with your doctor about any and all options for pain relief.

Physical Therapy
The goals of exercise are both to aid the back recover as well as to avoid or reduce further reoccurrences of pain. For individuals with symptomatic degenerative disc condition, exercises are usually most ideal done under the advice of a physical therapist or other suitably educated health care specialist. However once again since this only addresses the symptoms this is old-school pain management and not a permanent solution.

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Modern Breakthrough and More Effective Therapy

Here is a fact that you need to know before choosing how you will treat your pain:

2 of 3 people that have never had pain (NEVER) have degenerative disc disease along with spinal stenosis, bulging discs, sciatica, herniated discs, protrusions or extrusions and other structural abnormalities.

This is a fact proven by scientific studies.

So what does this mean for you? It means that while the MRI may show that degenerative disc disease and/or other structural issues exist – they almost never have anything to do with the cause of your pain. If they did all those millions of people wouldn’t be completely free of pain.

That’s why everything you’ve tried so far has only provided some temporary relief. Then the pain and other symptoms come roaring back again and again. The old-school medical approach treats the symptom – the degenerative disc, radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, bulging disc, herniated disc, protrusion and extrusion. Since that is almost never the cause of pain any positive results are only temporary.

The latest neuroscience has shown that the cause of pain and other symptoms blamed on structure and physiology actually has a psycho-physical cause associated with stress and tension. You already know that stress and tension exacerbate your pain. What you’ve never known before right now is that what causes your stress and tension is what actually causes your pain. The same pain that is almost always incorrectly blamed on your disc.

Over 30 years of scientific and neuroscientific research have determined this outcome. The biggest benefit for you is that since the real cause of most pain has been determined you have options to relieve your pain that were completely unavailable before. This refutes the entire medical paradigm of ongoing pain management and adds the possibility for millions of people to use a conservative, safe and proven method to permanently eliminate your pain and other symptoms.

One method has a documented 97% success rate with people diagnosed with radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, bulging disc, herniated disc, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, whiplash, sciatica, migraine headaches and other incomplete diagnoses.

Results at some of the most famous and trusted medical centers in the world have verified this fact.

The simple techniques that you already know about can help you with safe short term pain relief. Yoga, meditation and other therapies can assist you with lessening stress and tension thereby temporarily lessening your pain.

Only one method has been documented in providing a 97.4% success rate permanently eliminating the pain, burning, tingling, numbness and sciatica symptoms blamed on spinal stenosis, bulging disc, herniated disc, protrusion and extrusion. That method is Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now.

The downside is not everyone can be pain free. The upside is there is a Pain Test that has been scientifically developed that provides an objective result based on your specific situation that will provide you exactly what you need to know about whether you can permanently end your pain.

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