“I had already purchased the gun I would use to end it.”

Since I spend every day helping people end their chronic pain I know (and you probably do too) how devastating pain is.

In addition to the searing pain you feel, there are all the other life limitations that greatly reduce your happiness and your ability to be like everyone else with a full life.

Either you’re in pain or you know people in pain that you want to help – OR BOTH.

But even I was shocked when I read something a friend posted on Facebook. We’ll get back to this shortly.

You really want to read this to the end.

7 or 8 years ago I was brought to Cleveland to provide a Zero Pain Now demonstration for a group of medical doctors and guests.
They wanted to see if I could help someone that they couldn’t help medically.

So I agreed and soon found out they picked a patient that was as close to impossible as anyone I’d ever seen.

He’d already had 7 surgeries including 6 on his spine and 1 for a gastrointestinal issue. He’d been in severe pain for over a decade and the medical community had given up on him.

Even more difficult, he was a physical therapist with a strong traditional belief system about what causes chronic pain.

Since I’m always up for a challenge I agreed to work with him.

After a couple of phone calls I flew to Cleveland and we met at the clinic. A group of doctors and support staff sat in the back of the room while the patient was escorted in.

He looked like a broken man.
He was desperate for relief and was willing to question his beliefs if he could get even a little better.

We began the Zero Pain Now process as usual. After spending an hour showing him what does and does not cause pain we started the Zero Pain Now process.

His pain was at a level 9. He couldn’t sit still and was he struggled to even stay in the room.

After 15 minutes no change. 30 minutes, nothing. 1 hour still nothing.
My own level of stress was growing as I was being observed by the group and the patient was really suffering.

All of a sudden in what seemed like a microsecond he giggled and his shoulders relaxed.

I asked him about his level of pain and he chuckled and said 0.5.

He hugged me all the way to the front door and we all celebrated.

As I mentioned earlier this was 7 or 8 years ago.

And now back to my Facebook friend. The other day he posted something about seeing me and Zero Pain Now work that day.

And then he wrote:

“As I was speaking with the patient after his Zero Pain Now session he said “if this didn’t work I had already purchased the gun I would use to end it.”

I never knew about this and after reading the words a tear came to my eyes and I felt completely humbled.

I knew that Zero Pain Now changed lives. But I had no idea it saved lives.

This was the perfect message for me (maybe you) at this exact time because I decided that the only way to reach the goal of helping 10 Million People End Pain, and maybe even save some lives was to change my focus to train and certify people like you to use this process to help people end pain.

If you are interested in changing (saving?) lives and becoming an expert in the 1 Trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) pain industry —

Register for a free webinar by clicking this link:


I’ll also show you 3 secrets that you can use right now, on your own, immediately to help people and create what I call raving fans.

I hope to see you in the webinar.


With Love


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