If You Think Your Pain Is Chronic – I’ll Bet You…

Hey, it’s Adam. Welcome to the video.

Chronic pain. I have chronic pain. I have chronic back pain – chronic neck pain – chronic knee pain – chronic shoulder pain – chronic headaches.

What is this chronic pain and why do so many people have it?
Probably more importantly, why aren’t people getting better?

If you break your foot it really hurts. It’s supposed to hurt. That’s acute pain. Six weeks later it’s healed.

Anything that lasts longer than six weeks would technically be called subacute or chronic pain. But the bottom line is your body heals itself. If you injure yourself and you can, six weeks or so later you’re better. Your body takes care of itself.

Something that lasts longer than that is almost never, almost never has anything to do with that initial injury.

Then all of a sudden you’re in the MRI and they start talking about bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, torn meniscus, torn rotator cuff. Sometimes then they’ll throw in words like fibromyalgia and all of these chronic pain symptoms.

They’re just symptoms. They’re not really the cause. They’ll lead you down the pain management hole that gets deeper and deeper and it goes on and on and on and treatment after treatment and chiropractor and physical therapist. Talk about surgery and opioids and these dangerous pain drugs.

Here’s the thing: 3% of the time does structure have anything to do with that chronic pain, which means that 97% of the time chronic pain has nothing to do with these structural abnormalities or fibromyalgia that people are being diagnosed.

How do I know that? After 1100 cases and 97.4% of people getting better – totally pain-free life back, I know what really causes pain.

I didn’t have to figure it out. It was figured out long before me by an orthopedic surgeon at NYU who after doing surgeries and surgeries and surgeries and most people not getting better, realized that the cause of pain had to do with your brain and stress and tension. That’s what starts the physical process that leads to pain.

So all of that is gobbledygook and probably doesn’t mean anything to you because the only thing that matters to you – how do you get pain free?

How do you get your life back?

How do you fix this once and for all so that there’s no more doctors and no more chiropractors and no more physical therapists and no more drugs and no more any of those things?

Well, first is to find out whether or not you can get better. There’s an objective scientific test that will give you a numeric score and let you know whether or not you can get better.

How do you do that? Go to zeropainnow.com, take the pain test. Two minutes and you’ll know with 97% certainty whether you can get better. Chronic? I doubt it 97% of the time.

Go take that test.

If you have questions, send them. I’ll answer them personally. Adam@adamheller.com.

There’s probably real hope for you if you’re willing to step out of the box you’ve been placed in and get some real facts and real scientific information that will help you.

Zeropainnow.com and the pain test.

Thanks for watching this video.
Share it with somebody that needs it because you know lots of people suffering.

Here’s to your pain-free life.
I’ll see you soon.

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