Is Getting Pain Free Only For The Wealthy?

Pain management. Pain control. Ways to get out of pain. People ask me about these every day. Every single day and then they follow it with, “Well, only the wealthy people can really afford to get pain free.” or “Your treatments are only for the wealthy people.”

Now, all right, my private sessions, they’re expensive and not for everybody.

But people came to me years ago and they said, “Adam, you know, people can’t afford $15, $20,000 to work with you. You’ve got to do something for everybody else.”

I came up with a program and I distilled the best parts of these, frankly expensive, private sessions and distilled them down into a program that’s very inexpensive, very affordable (probably less than you spent on Advil in the last year), and has a tremendous success rate.

As a matter of fact, with the Mayo Clinic pilot we just finished, we got 100%. Every single person that they sent was pain free and had cases closed within 28 days.

A lot of life is the wealthier you are, the better you get. But that isn’t the case in pain relief.

Because when you understand what really causes your pain, you can do it yourself.
You don’t need me.

Maybe a tiny smidge of support but that’s it.

What you do need to know right now is whether or not you can get better. I set up an objective, scientific test for you to know whether or not you can get better.

Go to and take the pain test.

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