John Oliver

Hey it’s Adam and I’m with my great friend John Oliver today.

John, what do you want to talk about?

I would like to talk to you about drugs.

I’m really glad you want to talk about that. Because this is something the opioids and heroin and these dangerous pain medications are things that I keep talking about day after day after day. And how unnecessary and how dangerous they are.

I know, I know unfortunately America is now in the midst of a new drug crisis and it seems that no one is safe from it.

No kidding everywhere, not only in America but in the entire world people are suffering addiction and death and overdose from these prescription medications that are given unnecessarily to people that suffer pain.

Okay! That is terrifying! America is facing an epidemic of addiction to opioids like heroin and prescription painkillers. As of 2015 an estimated 2.6 million Americans were addicted to the them. And they’re now involved in almost 30,000 overdose deaths a year in the US.

Yeh you’re right! 1 person every 19 minutes in the United States dies of the prescription pain drug overdose.

And the prevalence of this problem astonishes some people. Just listen to Donald Trump up in New Hampshire.

They said the biggest single problem they have up here is heroin.

Yeh! But it’s not just there. The problem is everywhere and the heroin is step number 3. People go with pain and instead of getting rid of the pain, people are then prescribed these dangerous opioids and then they escalate to heroin. So as I was talking recently to an ex-head of the Drug Enforcement Administration and members of the United States congress, what I told them and it’s imperative that everybody understand – it’s not the drugs, it’s the pain.
Get rid of the pain people don’t need to be on drugs.

So tonight we’ll going to look at one of the major causes of this crisis. Prescription painkillers which are chemical cousins of heroin.

Yeh! They’re chemical cousins and they’re not necessary like I just said. Every 19 minutes somebody dies from an overdose of pain drug medications. These are prescribed. They are just unnecessary.

Around 75% of heroin users started with a prescription opioids. Drugs like oxycontin, vicodin and percocet. Which some take recreationally and others take is prescribed by a doctor. But however it starts it can get out of hand fast.

Yeh John you’re exactly right and I talk about this until I’m blue in the face. And people don’t understand the dangers here. And it’s not as if these doctors that are prescribing these drugs don’t care. They just don’t know. There’s nothing they can do because what we found at Zero Pain Now is that the pain is almost never a medical problem. It almost always originates in the brain. That’s why the pilot that I just finished at The Mayo Clinic every single person that that they sent. Every single person – and many of those were on dangerous opioids – every single person within 28 days was pain free and their case is closed. And these were people diagnosed with bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, tension migraine headaches. Some of them were even employees at the Mayo Clinic. They have the best doctors in the world. But they couldn’t help them because the problem isn’t medical, it originates in the brain. So all of these dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drugs – or almost all of them are completely unnecessary.

This is happening everywhere.

Yeh! everywhere is right throughout the world. It’s a monumental problem that’s solvable.

I know, I know.

I see these people everyday and their devastated because the pain limits them, limits you from having the life that you want. It’s not really about getting rid of the pain. It’s getting rid of the pain so that you can connect with your kids, and your grandkids, and travel, and move, and go to work and live your purpose. I had a client one time say it’s all about so that. So that I can play golf, so that I can play tennis, so that I can travel, so that I can connect, so that I can be just like everyone else.

All sorts of pain like arthritis and backaches.

Yeh! And it’s all kinds of diagnosis. Bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, whiplash, sciatica, tension migraine headaches, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy. All of these things is where people are getting this drugs, this dangerous, dangerous, dangerous drugs that they don’t need.

That’s genuinely sweet!

John do have 1 message, 1 critical message for everybody that’s watching this video right now?

The odds are right now you probably know someone who is struggling or who is died from and opioid addiction. What do we do now?

What we do know is arm yourself with information. You start to see how is it that every single person The Mayo Clinic sent to Zero Pain Now got better in 28 days or less? And how is that consistent with over 1,100 people that came before? Because when you start to understand that the cause of almost all chronic pain isn’t medical, isn’t the spine. There was a study that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine and replicated over and over again. 2 out of 3 people that have never had pain have bulging discs and herniated disc. Yet they’ve never had pain. You have to start to see that this things that you have been blamed for your pain are incomplete diagnoses because they are not the real cause. All of these other things drugs, dangerous drugs are. They’re like cosmetic, they’re like lipstick. You put it on your lips look okay for a little while. As soon as it wears off, the pain is there again. These are pain management techniques by definition, pain management is just pain management. So what you do is you learn the way to end your pain once and for all permanently. So you can get your freedom back. Your pain freedom back.

Absolutely! Definitely! Unquestionably and yep!

John! Thanks so much for sharing this time with me.

Now, here’s the thing everybody John Oliver has probably never heard of Zero Pain Now. And probably never heard of me. And to get the full context of what he had to say look at the URL right here. You can go watch everything he had to say on this dangerous opioids.

But here’s the thing, we’re having a little fun today with a subject that really, there’s nothing fun or funny about. People are dying, people are getting addicted, people are losing their freedom not because of these drugs, because of the pain.

It’s not the drugs. It’s the pain.

Unfortunately the medical community and the government and everybody trying to work on this big opioid problem. They’re trying to solve whether if it’s a drug problem but it isn’t. It’s like taking a plant and you have dead leaves all over and you’re just trying to take care of things up at the level of leaf. Rather than going down to the roots and taking care of the real problem.

The problem isn’t the opioids. The problem is the pain.

97% of the time that pain can be eliminated conservatively. No surgery, no drugs, no hanging upside down, by eliminating it at the cause.

So here’s your opportunity to either get yourself better or share this video. Share Zero Pain Now with somebody that needs it because you know people that are suffering, you know people that are suffering from drugs, you know people that are suffering from pain and their is a safe option.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I have got the whole staff ready to help you. send questions. Contact us. Go to take the pain teast. You’ll know with 97% certainty whether or not you can get better.

And I hope that – I don’t even know if I’m allowed to cut up this John Oliver video. I’m hoping if he sees that, he will care enough about you to let us have a little bit of fun with this and maybe he’d like to learn about Zero Pain Now.

John call me. I’ll treat you a call. Call me.

So I want to thank you for watching this video. Contact me with any questions you have.
There’s hope. This is your opportunity to feel better. There is hope.

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