What do you want – The Long Way or The Short Way?

We all want a pain free life – whether it’s emotional pain or physical pain.

And the question to you is – do you want to do it long way or do you want to do it the short way?

Because people come all the time and they tell me about the back pain, and the neck pain, and the shoulder pain. And their diagnosis – bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, all these things. And they tell me about all the scenarios that – the chiropractor, and the physical therapist, and the acupuncture, and the reiki, and the stretching, and the gym, and the crunches, and all the yoga and all these things.

And these are all great means of pain management.

Pain management by definition just means managing your pain.

And it is clearly the long way.

And I just finished a pilot with Mayo clinic.

Every single person got better.

The average time in pain of the patients they sent over was 17 years.

17 years!

Every one of those people were pain free in their cases closed in 28 days or less.

So the question is – all of these other things are not eliminating the cause they’re treating a symptom.

So the long way is symptom management.

That’s the oldfashioned medical paradigm.

The short way is to eliminate the cause today or tomorrow. And be pain free and stay that way for the rest of your life.

So which pain free life do you want to have?
You want the long way or the short way?

If you want the short way make today your day. Be like the thousands of people that are already pain free.

Go to zeropainnow.com. Pick the program that’s best for you.

Take it from me. I’ve helped so many people get pain free. I watch it everyday. Today is a good day to have a little trust.

Go. Look around. Take the pain test. Pick the program that’s best for you. And get going.

The short way is the best way to be pain free fast.

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