What shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain?

What shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain?

That’s right, what shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain, or your neck pain, or your shoulder pain, or your knee pain, or your headaches, your pelvic pain?

What shade of lipstick do you want?

That may seem like a strange question to ask, but if you’re using pain management, and pain management can be surgery or it can be these dangerous drugs, or chiropractic or physical therapy, or any of these alternative things – if you’re using pain management, you’re really using lipstick on your pain.

Why do I say lipstick on your pain?
Because pain management is just like lipstick. You put on some lipstick, you have beautiful lips. A few bites of food and a little while and all of a sudden that lipstick is gone and you’ve got the same old lips that you had before.

That’s the problem with pain management.
Pain management means managing pain.
It means managing the symptoms of pain rather than eliminating the cause of pain.

Any of these techniques sometimes will provide some temporary relief. Sometimes you feel better for a little while, but the pain comes back, and the pain comes back, and the pain comes back, and the pain comes back.

You’ve experienced this over and over again. The reason is you’re using lipstick on your pain instead of an eraser to erase the cause of your pain.

After helping thousands of people at Zero Pain Now – after doing a pilot with the Mayo Clinic, where their write-up says “Using the Zero Pain Now process every patient was pain-free and case closed in 28 days or less.”

These are people with diagnoses like bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, all these diagnoses, and they get better.

We’ve had thousands of people get better. Pain is so devastating, and the pain management, that old medical pain management paradigm, is treacherous and it’s devastating to go through. Because every time you think you feel a little better, it comes back. It limits your life and it keeps you from having the life you want.

My question to you is: Is today your day?

Have you had enough lipstick on your pain?
Are you ready to finally eliminate the cause of your pain so that you can feel great and watch it go away?
Yes, this seems too good to be true. But I hear the stories every day.

I was at a café two weeks ago where I live in Laguna. Somebody came up and he told me he’d been in horrible pain for two decades. He told me that he was on six Vicodin a day on schedule, plus dangerous opioids — you know what that’s like — plus Advil.

After Zero Pain Now, four days later he was off of all drugs and was completely pain-free, and still is.

Yes, that sounds too good to be true, but it happens. And it happens day after day after day.

You get to choose: lipstick or pain freedom. What do you want in your life?

If today’s your day, come on over and let me help you. I promise we’ll help you feel better and stay that way once and for all.

Thanks for watching this video.
I will see you again soon.
Here’s to your pain-free life.

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