Who are these opioid users?

Wall Street Journal just did a article, “Who Are Opioid Users?”

And you’re probably going to be surprised because they’re not a bunch of degenerates that are out trying to get their next high. What they are is people like you or me.

People that were in pain. That were given a prescription by a doctor trying to help them. And the next thing you know they get addicted.

In the United States alone every 19 minutes somebody dies from a pain drug overdose. Every 19 minutes somebody dies of a pain drug overdose.

70% of those people had legitimate medical prescriptions for their opioids, and the problem is these are very dangerous as you can imagine.

Number one they don’t get rid of anybody’s pain, they’re purely cosmetic, just like lipstick.

You put on lipstick for a little while, you have these beautiful lips. A few minutes later you eat, you take a few bites, it’s gone, you’re back where you started.

So these dangerous drugs do nothing other than mask the pain for a little while. Studies also show that when you’re taking them it can also keep you in pain longer, and more important than that, since they don’t do anything this is being treated as a drug problem.

Congress just appropriated one billion dollars to fight the opioid drug problem, but that’s the problem.

They’re treating it as a drug problem, and it’s not a drug problem.

It’s not an opioid problem.

It’s a pain problem.

And if you get rid of the pain in the first place, safely, easily, there’s no reason for these dangerous drugs.

So how do you do that? How do you not get in that situation?

Well you can find out with 97% certainty whether or not you can be pain free or not pain free.

Go to ZeroPainNow.com, take the pain test. In two minutes you’re going to know with pretty close to certainty whether or not you can get better.

Because the traditional medical approach isn’t working, and it’s really, really dangerous.

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