Will You Miss Your Opportunity?

If you read this all the way to the end you will see something heinous. 2017 brought us more talk about back pain, neck pain and chronic pain than probably any year in history.

The opioid crisis finally became the biggest news in healthcare.
Every 2.5 weeks the same number of people die from pain drug overdoses that died on 9-11.

Governor Chris Christie, the leader of the White House Opioid Task Force made perhaps the truest statement of the year “This problem began in the doctor’s offices and the hospitals.

Yet we continue to leave the solution to the same people that started (and are invested) the problem.


That’s almost like letting Al Qaeda take charge of the terrorism problem. Yes, I know the medical community, for the most part, is a group of people trying to help and not harm. But their parochial view of the world continues to lead people to addition and death.”It’s not the drugs, it’s the pain. Eliminate the pain and there is no need for the initial prescription.

“In addition surgeries for chronic pain relief continue to have tremendous rates of failure.
On the upside, I continue to see staggering successes with clients at Zero Pain Now because in spite of the old-fashioned medical views that prefer to treat symptoms with pain management,

we continue to expend all our efforts to permanently eliminate the cause of chronic pain, once and for all.

Just yesterday someone stopped me walking on the street and told me “After years of back pain XXX got your book and ¾ of the way through, she realized her pain was gone. She won’t tell you because she’s skeptical and doesn’t believe is this stuff.
Perhaps you’re still skeptical?

But there is a reason that nothing has brought you long-term relief. Are you too skeptical for your own good? Are you blowing your chances for success? You may be surprised to see that I’m not trying to push or pull you into Zero Pain Now. That’s your decision and you’re the best “decider” for you.

Many years ago I went to the doctor and I weighed 265, had a 42″ waist and my health was suffering.
He said “You don’t get forever.”

Still cringes my stomach!!!


That was an opportunity to solve a problem and I seized that opportunity. And that not only brought great health but also a much happier life AND it let to the creation of Zero Pain Now.

Will you seize your opportunity or will you miss your opportunity?

If you are in pain, your biggest opportunity is to change your beliefs about what is really causing your pain so that you can banish that pain once and for all.
Opportunity seized or Opportunity missed?

You get to decide now.

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