Would you let your mom take pain medicine?

Pain medicine. Pain drugs.

You can call them anything you want. But you have to call them really dangerous.

Every 19 minutes in the United States, someone dies of a pain drug, pain medication overdose.

70% of the time, these are prescribed safely by a doctor.

These are very, very dangerous drugs and even just this last week, Congress passed a bill to help try and solve that problem. But unfortunately, they didn’t handle it the right way because they’re treating it as a drug problem.

The problem is, doctors, medical practitioners, day after day after day keep prescribing these dangerous drugs that lead to addiction that lead often, sometimes, to death.

They keep getting prescribed.

To treat it as a drug problem where we get people off of the drugs, yeah maybe that helps a little bit on the back side. But unfortunately, the problem is caused because people are prescribed these dangerous drugs unnecessarily day after day after day.

Recently in a conversation with a U.S. congressman and an ex-head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, I made it very clear –

it’s not an opioid problem, it’s not a pain medicine problem, it’s not a pain med problem, it’s not a drug problem, it’s a pain problem.

Eliminate the pain and there’s no reason to prescribe these dangerous drugs.

At Zero Pain Now, we’ve had 97.4% success helping people eliminate chronic pain, back, neck, shoulder, blamed on bulging disk, herniated disks, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia without drugs.

It’s not medical.
Without surgery, it’s not medical … without needles, without hanging upside down, without being tweaked.

By eliminating the actual cause.
Now that may be a little farfetched. A little hard for you to believe.

We just finished, got a write-up from the Mayo Clinic. Every single person that they sent, 100%, got better … had their case closed within 28 days.

You can find out right now with 97% certainty whether or not you can get better.

Go to zeropainnow.com and take the pain test. It takes about two minutes and at the end, you’re going to pretty much know whether or not you can end your pain once and for all.

If you have questions, send them to me. I’ll answer them, info@zeropainnow.com.

We’ve got a whole staff ready to help you.

Before you do surgery, before these dangerous pain drugs, think twice. Think three times. Think ten times because they’re really, really dangerous.

Wouldn’t you rather get rid of the pain safely?

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