You Vs. Me

Who’s going to win in a conversation you or me?

Because here’s what happens with almost every prospect or person that calls or speaks to me about a pain free life.

Whether it’s ending emotional pain or physical pain.

I’m always arguing for what is possible for you. For the success that you don’t even know that you can have.

And you are arguing for your unique set of limitations. Why you can’t be pain free. Why the MRI says that you have a bulging disc, or herniated disc, or spinal stenosis. Or why your kids, your family, your parents, your circumstances, your job, all those things prevent you from having an emotional or physical pain free life.

So there’s always this argument, it’s nice, it’s not mean, but there’s an argument in every phone call.

I’m arguing for your absolutely unlimited success and you’re arguing for your unique set of limitations.

And when I get to win the argument, you get to get pain free.

So my hope for you is that you let me win this one. So that you can have the pain free life of your dreams.

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