The Hidden (And Most Common) Result of Childhood Trauma

Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Stress, Behavior Problems:  These are all common symptoms of childhood trauma. Actually, these are all signs of trauma that can occur anytime in life. (See image below) However, it is common for the symptoms to be magnified when they occur in childhood. Trauma changes the structure of physiological properties of the […]



Let’s Get Rid Of Pain With Adam

 Get Tips to get pain free and including all updates from us. This is a live webinar recorded for interested people to get pain free at Zero Pain Now®. Many of them have got pain free. It’s is your chance now. Grab it!



What shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain?

What shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain? That’s right, what shade of lipstick do you want for your back pain, or your neck pain, or your shoulder pain, or your knee pain, or your headaches, your pelvic pain? What shade of lipstick do you want? That may seem like a strange […]



I Thought I Was Pain Free For Life – Adam’s Pain Story

I Thought I Was Pain Free For Life – Adam’s Pain Story Hey, I’m Adam Heller And when it comes to pain, apparently I’m really not much different than you. Last week I was walking on the beach, and all of a sudden I got a little twinge in my hip. You know, it was […]



Rage Rage Rage Rage Rage!!

Rage. Rage. Rage. Rage. Rage!!!! How did you respond to that? Because how you responded to that, how you respond to anger, how you respond to rage, how you respond to negative emotions actually says a lot to do with the possibilities for your health, – and more importantly, whether or not you’ll ever suffer […]



“I had already purchased the gun I would use to end it.”

 Since I spend every day helping people end their chronic pain I know (and you probably do too) how devastating pain is. In addition to the searing pain you feel, there are all the other life limitations that greatly reduce your happiness and your ability to be like everyone else with a full life. […]



Are You Going To Blow Your Opportunity?

Hey, it’s Adam Heller. Are you going to blow your opportunity this year? But that’s probably not the way you would want me to open up a video with you and a conversation with you, especially if you don’t know me. But, how many times in your life have you had opportunities? Real great opportunities? […]



Will You Miss Your Opportunity?

If you read this all the way to the end you will see something heinous. 2017 brought us more talk about back pain, neck pain and chronic pain than probably any year in history. The opioid crisis finally became the biggest news in healthcare. Every 2.5 weeks the same number of people die from pain […]



Ode to Dr. Sarno

“You say goodbye and I say hello.” – John Lennon/Paul McCartney Hi Fname (Make sure this works) I’ve received dozens of phone calls, emails and texts asking me to comment on the passing of John Sarno. John Sarno is the person that first uncovered the psychological cause of most chronic pain. After witnessing that the […]



Herniated Discs – Why Patients With Zero Pain Have Them

 Hi I’m Adam Heller. Herniated disc, does it cause pain? Does it not cause pain? It’s certainly one the most common diagnoses for back pain, lower back pain, upper back pain. And it’s one of the primary reasons people have back surgeries. Also that people are prescribed pain medications and drugs. So the question […]



Bulging Disc – The Myth

Bulging Disc Hi. I’m Adam Heller. Bulging disc – One of the most common diagnoses for low back pain. There’s a big argument going on in both the medical and non-medical community as to whether or not bulging discs have anything, anything at all, to do with pain. There are traditional treatments – surgical treatments […]



Fibromyalgia – The Lies

Hi, I’m Adam Heller. Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is devastating to people that are diagnosed and suffer with it. The information about fibromyalgia is really all over the place. There are opinions, after opinions, after opinions. And unfortunately most of the time, the end result is people are told that it’s chronic and they’re administered and prescribed […]



Spinal Stenosis – Mayo Pilot Pain Free Results

Hi, I’m Adam Heller. Today, let’s talk about spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis, a very common diagnosis for back pain. The question is, does spinal stenosis actually cause back pain or is spinal stenosis just there and you have back pain? There are certainly some arguments going on in the medical community, in the non-medical community, […]



The 1 Absolute Thing You Must Know About Your Back Pain

Hi. I’m Adam Heller and welcome to the video. Back pain. 118 million in the United States alone suffer what they call chronic pain and 70% of that is attributed to back pain, most of it lower back pain. It’s epidemic. It’s treated in a variety of ways: surgically, drugs, obviously you heard a lot […]



Chronic Pain – Can You Get Better? Probably

Hi, I’m Adam Heller. Chronic pain versus acute pain. What’s that really mean? Well, typically acute pain is defined as pain for six weeks or less. And then sub-acute or chronic pain is actually six weeks or more. So let me make it really simple for you. If you break your foot, it hurts, but […]



Your Tears And Your Back Pain Have The Same Cause

That cause is emotion, and it’s psycho-physical. It originates in your brain. The end result in the case of pain is pain, tingling, burning, numbness, and weakness – just like tears. So what happens when there are tears? There’s an emotion, let’s say sadness, and the next thing you know, your tear ducts produce salt […]



What’s Your Mt. Everest ?

What’s your Mt. Everest? If you’re not on top of the world then it’s time to…



If your doctor told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

Obviously a variation on the line my mother used to say to me, probably yours too: If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? But every day I speak to people that come for Zero Pain Now®, and their doctors have told them they have fibromyalgia, bulging discs, herniated discs, […]



Meet Jen. She’s my hero! You couldn’t possibly have it as bad as her. If she can enjoy freedom then you certainly can…

Adam: All right three weeks, less than three weeks ago, you’re in a wheelchair full time. You’ve got all this stuff going on, and now. What now? Jen: Now, let me just stand up, okay? Do you see this? Adam: Yes, I can. Jen: Can you see this? Adam: Yes. Jen: I am touching my […]



Ask Adam Episode 15 – How Do You Find What’s Causing Your Pain?

How do you find the thing that’s causing your pain? Well, I’ll give you 3 ways to do that. 3 things that need to be done. Number 1 – Stop looking where you’re looking. Because if what you’ve been trying to do was going to fix your pain or eliminate your pain, it would have […]



The Number 1 Cause Of Premature Aging Is Chronic Pain

The number one cause of premature aging is chronic pain. It’s actually number one. 1 out of 2 adults at some point in their life, suffers chronic pain: back, neck, shoulder, all these different diagnoses. Bulging disc, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, whiplash, torn meniscus, torn rotator cuff, tension and migraine headaches. So why is […]



Whew 2016 Is Finally Over!

Whew 2016 Is Finally Over. Elections, deaths and exactly how you can make it different in 2017… Finally Over Whew 2016. Elections, deaths and exactly how you can make it different in 2017…a new beginning, a new start, a new hope. Lets start a new year with new thing and left behind the old things.finally […]



Death from opioids and pain drugs has tripled

American Pharmaceutical Association just reported that deaths from opioids has tripled. These are the people dispensing the drugs. No fault to them because they’re given prescriptions from medical doctors for these very dangerous unnecessary drugs. Every 19 minutes somebody in the United States dies of a pain drug overdose and according to most reports, 70% […]



Who are these opioid users?

Wall Street Journal just did a article, “Who Are Opioid Users?” And you’re probably going to be surprised because they’re not a bunch of degenerates that are out trying to get their next high. What they are is people like you or me. People that were in pain. That were given a prescription by a […]



Is it your doctor or pharmacist that’s more responsible for sending your to the emergency room? It doesn’t matter because..

Every day my inbox fills up with different articles, and new studies, and new reports, on the opioid crisis, and the pain medication crisis, and the pain management crisis. Everyday it’s more hospitalizations, more addictions, more deaths. The medical community has really thrown up their hands. They don’t know what to do other than give […]



Will your pain management kill you? Ask the families of those that are dead because…

The opioid crisis has gotten way out of hand. And pain management and pain medicine in general has skyrocketed. As have addictions. As have side effects. As have even deaths. The focus now is starting to be placed on prevention. But unfortunately the medical community still doesn’t have it right. And even the United States […]



Must I Keep A Pain Journal?

Ask Adam Episode 14. Adam – must I keep a pain journal? If you want to live with pain forever then…



Is Getting Pain Free Only For The Wealthy?

Pain management. Pain control. Ways to get out of pain. People ask me about these every day. Every single day and then they follow it with, “Well, only the wealthy people can really afford to get pain free.” or “Your treatments are only for the wealthy people.” Now, all right, my private sessions, they’re expensive […]



The First Thing You Need To Know About Pain Management Guidelines is…

Pain management guidelines, what are they? That’s a question that somebody asked me this morning. Pain management by definition is just managing your pain. You’ve probably been doing that long enough. Pain management includes dangerous drugs, and surgeries, and chiropractic, and physical therapy, and acupuncture and EFT. All these things to manage your pain day […]



Would you let your mom take pain medicine?

Pain medicine. Pain drugs. You can call them anything you want. But you have to call them really dangerous. Every 19 minutes in the United States, someone dies of a pain drug, pain medication overdose. 70% of the time, these are prescribed safely by a doctor. These are very, very dangerous drugs and even just […]



1 Mandatory Fact About Pinched Nerve That Will Free You Forever. Because…

Pinched nerve. One of the most common diagnoses for chronic pain that leads to this whole course of pain management and ongoing pain and ongoing suffering and this chronic pain management paradigm that often keeps you stuck in pain. Because, here’s the truth about a pinched nerve: The theory is, you have a pinched nerve […]



If You Think Your Pain Is Chronic – I’ll Bet You…

Hey, it’s Adam. Welcome to the video. Chronic pain. I have chronic pain. I have chronic back pain – chronic neck pain – chronic knee pain – chronic shoulder pain – chronic headaches. What is this chronic pain and why do so many people have it? Probably more importantly, why aren’t people getting better? If […]



Chiropractors – The Real Truth. If you’ve ever even considered going to a chiropractor you need to know

Hey it’s Adam. Welcome to the video. Chiropractic, chiropractors, chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors for chronic pain. Sometimes this is a sticky subject for me because I love chiropractors. I work with chiropractors all the time. Many of the referrals that I get at Zero Pain Now® are from chiropractors. And I think what chiropractors do is […]



Argh!! There is so much wrong with Spinal Stenosis – The Incomplete Diagnosis. Because..

Spinal stenosis is one of the most common incomplete diagnoses blamed for chronic pain – for back pain, for leg pain, for neck pain. Spinal stenosis really means a narrowing of the discs in your spine. But the interesting thing is it would take a tremendous narrowing for that really to create pain for you. […]



Sciatica – 1 Absolute Must To Know About The Cause And The Solution

Sciatica. Sciatica relief. Sciatica stretches. How to solve sciatica. These are questions that I get almost every day and the interesting thing is sciatica is not a real thing. Sciatica just means that your pain is travelling generally from the back down the leg. Often sciatica is attributed to a bulging disc, or herniated disc, […]



What Are You Not Thankful For?

What Are You NOT Thankful For? If you want to really be thankful on New Years then……



John Oliver

Hey it’s Adam and I’m with my great friend John Oliver today. John, what do you want to talk about? I would like to talk to you about drugs. I’m really glad you want to talk about that. Because this is something the opioids and heroin and these dangerous pain medications are things that I […]



Ask Adam Episode 13. How Do I keep Pain From Starting

Today’s question is a question I get very regularly: How do I keep the pain from starting? Because often people’s pain goes up and down, and up and down and  it comes and it goes and it moves around. And it really is the perfect question because most methods – probably everything you’ve ever tried […]



1 Absolute Must To Stop Delaying Your Success In Anything

If any area of your life isn’t what you want – any area! You must set a…



What do you want – The Long Way or The Short Way?

We all want a pain free life – whether it’s emotional pain or physical pain. And the question to you is – do you want to do it long way or do you want to do it the short way? Because people come all the time and they tell me about the back pain, and […]



Fibromyalgia is not chronic is complete

There’s a travesty going on in the pain relief community, and the medical community revolving around fibromyalgia. Patient after patient after patient that gets referred to me – they’re told that – their given this diagnosis of fibromyalgia which isn’t a real thing. It’s just a diagnosis that covers these different pain points. And they’re […]



1 simple way to eliminate anxiety forever..

Argh! Election Day Anxiety. If he wins – if she wins. Here is what you must know today to eliminate the anxiety today and for….



Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Who’s Driving Your Bus? I bet you’re not nearly in as much control as…



Nobody Can Stop You

If you want to be pain free nobody can stop you – other than you. Nobody can stop you. Because as you want to heal your pain physical pain, emotional pain, back pain, neck pain, depression, anger, sadness, whatever it is. Nobody can stop you from having a great pain free life except for you. […]



Ask Adam Episode 13 – Who Really Supports You?

Ask Adam Episode 13 – Who Really Supports You? Be aware because these people will try to keep you stuck…



You Vs. Me

Who’s going to win in a conversation you or me? Because here’s what happens with almost every prospect or person that calls or speaks to me about a pain free life. Whether it’s ending emotional pain or physical pain. I’m always arguing for what is possible for you. For the success that you don’t even […]



Check Yourself At The Door

Your fears cost you way too much. Here’s a simple way to leave them behind and …



A Thought Without Belief Can’t Hurt You

A Thought Without A Belief Can’t Hurt you. Because it is only with a toxic combination that…



Distraction and Diarrhea and Success. You can’t look at that title and not see what I said about how you get there…



NY Times Report On The Extreme Dangers Of Pain Drugs

The New York Times came out with a report on opioid drugs, pain drugs, the dangers of drugs and even talking about placebo. So what their study said is that 44 people die every day from prescription painkillers. 7000 emergency room visits every day from prescription painkillers. Now, they went on to describe how opioids […]



Your Surgery Decision Is At Best Whimsical

2 out of 3 people that have never had any pain – back pain, neck pain, have bulging discs at one or more levels, or herniated discs. Yet they’ve never had any pain. Published in the New England Journal and replicated over and over again. The results are always the same. 2 out of 3 […]



Pharma CEO: We’re in the business of shareholder profits. Not..

Hi it’s Adam. “We’re in the business of shareholder profit not helping the sick.” That was the testimony given by the CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And interestingly enough, he was up for a 2.6 billion dollar bonus if he could produce enough profit. Here’s the problem with that, […]



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